Used Starter



Finding a used starter can be difficult if you don’t know where to begin. Used Parts Central is a great place to locate the used starter you need to get your car or truck back on the road in no time flat!


When a starter fails it can seem like your battery has given up on you. Make sure to have someone familiar with cars to double check for you before order something you may not need. Some starters have an external solenoid that can fail and that will behave like a failed starter as well. Also, some cars have a fusible link that can fail. The fusible link is a round rubber section in the wire going to the starter, if it overheats the link melts and the starter will not get power.


To start your search, just fill in the form at the top of the page with your name, number and email address. Auto parts brokers from all over will contact you with different prices and warranties. Take your time, shop around and make your decision based on all of the information you can get. Never send cash, wire transfer or use check by phone. If the supplier won’t accept a credit card or PayPal simply go to the next guy.