Steering Column




Shopping for a used steering column is super easy with free locating service here at Used Parts Central. We offer a no-cost 1 stop shopping website geared for find used auto parts. There are suppliers all over the US that will locate what you are looking for and send you responses by email or phone.


Knowing if your steering column needs to be replaced or repaired should be determined by an ASE certified mechanic. This is a super important part of your car and must function the correct way, 100% of the time. Sometimes in an accident, the column can get bent. If that happens, you do need to replace the steering column. Some people think that if the airbag deploys, the steering column needs to be replaced. This needs to be determined by the shop, not you just assuming. Most vehicles only need a replacement airbag and the steering column is fine to keep using. Most of the newer cars on the road have steering wheel controls, make sure to have a note of these options when you are buying a used steering column.

Once you complete the form and start getting answers from suppliers, doubleverify the specifics of what you are ordering. Getting the correct type column is critical for your car. Getting the same color almost never happens but they make paint specifically for this application. Remember to only pay with a credit card or PayPal and never ever send cash, wire or a check.