Used Exhaust Manifold

Buying a used exhaust manifold can be easy or possibly turn into a real project. A few determining factors on how quickly you can find your replacement is availability, what kind of car is it for and where do you start looking. Used Parts Central is a used auto parts locating service that is unique because we have a subscriber base of companies that go out and do the legwork for you!

Determining if you need to buy a used exhaust manifold is usually fairly easy to figure out if you know what to look or listen for while under the hood of your car. A cracked or warped exhaust manifold will allow exhaust to leak out and make a hissing noise or something even louder. It typically will sound terrible but it usually does not hurt anything. Some exhaust manifold have an O2 sensor that screws into them, if the socket cracks or becomes out of round from all of the heat, this is not repairable either and the exhaust manifold will need to be replaced.

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