Used Front Bumper Assembly




The front bumper mounts to the front of the vehicle. Used Parts Central can find a front bumper for you in just minutes. UPC is a used auto parts locating service. It works by gathering information you supply in the form above. The site will then send your request to used auto parts brokers that will search out the front bumper you are looking to purchase.


Purchasing a front bumper can be a little more involved than what it may seem at first. The picture above shows a front bumper assembly. An assembly includes all of the parts seen like the grill inserts, bumper reinforcement, turn signal light and parking lights. If your car was in a moderate collision, then chances are you do need to replace the entire assembly. When shopping for a front bumper assembly, your vehicle may have more than 1 type of bumper style. For example, an LS type car may not use fog lights and an EX type will. Some cars use a polyurethane bumper and others have a chrome face bar. If chrome, some have a rubber strip on them and others do not have that option. You need to order the correct type so your vehicle is restored back to original, also the front bumper needs to match the rear bumper.


When shopping online, always pay with a credit card. Never send a check or wire transfer. Sometimes companies do not do as they should and you need to protect yourself.