Rear Brake Rotor




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Replacing a rear brake rotor can be a real headache or a simple process. The best starting place is to first make sure you do need to replace the rotors. How is your vehicle acting? Was this recommended by a repair shop? If your vehicle is surging when you apply the brakes, the rear brake rotor could be warped. This happens from the rotor overheating or the cast metal failing. A warped rotor can not be repaired. The most common problem is friction wear, over time the face of the rotor wears away making the rotor too thin to do it’s job safely. Also, if you drive your vehicle too long without changing the brake pads, the rivets that hold the pad together start to wear through the pad and will damage the rotor. They will cut groves in the rotor and lessen the performance of the brakes.


Remember when shopping online, always use a credit card. Some companies will drop the ball and you do not want to be the person holding the bag.