Frequently Asked Questions about Used Parts Central

Notice: Please do not put www in front of your e-mail address when submitting a parts request!

Q. Does Used Parts Central sell parts?
A. No. We are a parts locating service only.

Q. What happens after I submit my Parts Request?
A. After submitting your parts request, the request goes out to all the salvage
     yards that receive our requests. They will contact you by e-mail if they have
     the part you need, the cost and the shipping options.

Q. Does Used Parts Central charge for Parts Requests?
A. No. This is a free service to our visitors.

Q. How do I know that my parts request is going to a legitimate company?
A. Internet Fraud is taken very seriously at UPC. You can view our Membership
     Policy here.

Q. What if I have a problem with the part I received?
A. You need to contact the salvage yard directly. UPC does not sell parts. If
     you have a problem with a particular salvage yard please let us know and
     we will attempt to help you resolve the problem.

Q. How can I cancel a parts request?
A. When you submit a request, it is immediately e-mailed directly to the 
     appropriate salvage yards. This is a one time e-mail and is not posted
     anywhere so there is no need to cancel.

Q. What if I make a mistake on my parts request?
A. If you make a mistake when submitting your request, you must fill out the
    form again. Do not contact us. Once you have submitted the request it
    cannot be changed.

Q. What is the Find A Yard section?
A. Find a Yard is to help you find a salvage yard in your area. With over 4,800
     salvage yards in our directory you should be able to easily find one in your
     area. If the salvage yard has a website it will be underlined in blue in the
     search results and you can click directly to their website.

Q. Why didn't I get any responses to my Parts Request?
A. If none of the salvage yards receiving our parts requests had your part,
     you would not receive a reply. Our database changes on a daily basis and
     you may need to return at another time and resubmit.

Q. How do I add my salvage yard to your database?
    out more information.