UPC Membership Policy

Used Parts Central Membership is open to legitimate salvage yards and parts brokers only. We routinely investigate applicants to ensure that they are a legitimate, qualified business before sending them our parts requests. Internet Fraud is taken very seriously by Used Parts Central. We want our visitors that send the parts requests to know that their parts request is going to a reputable company and a legitimate business. If you apply to become a Member of Used Parts Central and provide a telephone number/address that is a residential telephone number/address you will be asked to provide proof that you are a legitimate business by providing a copy of your business license or other information that will confirm that you are eligible to receive our online parts requests. We routinely reject applications using the information provided on the sign up form. If you are a legitimate business but give your home phone or address you will most likely be rejected. Be sure to give your BUSINESS PHONE NUMBER and ADDRESS on the sign up form to ensure that your information can be verified.

1. Requests received from UPC are for your use only. You may broker parts, but you may not forward, re-broadcast, or sell any request delivered to you by UPC.
2. The e-mail you receive is for selling the part contained in that request. No auto-responders or "form letter responses" are allowed. 
3. No harvesting of e-mail addresses for spamming or selling is allowed.
4. Any transaction with the visitors of UPC must be handled in a professional manner. Mistreatment of customers reflects on your reputation and that of UPC.
Any violation of the above terms is grounds for immediate and permanent suspension of your membership without reimbursement.

Please view our billing policy here.